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Las Vegas SAA Meetings


are usually open to anyone who has the desire to stop his/her compulsive sexual behavior. In order to ensure that these meetings remain a safe place, we regret that family, friends, observers, or support persons cannot attend the closed meetings. We are willing to meet with these people before or after the meetings to provide information and answer any questions. If you think you are or may be a sex addict, you are welcome at any meeting. For more information call the Las Vegas SAA Info Line at (702) 706-6795 or use the contact form.

Meeting Formats


SAA Las Vegas has meetings every day of the week, however each meeting follows a different format and may be Open, Closed, Mixed, Men Only, Women Only and/or Chip Meetings. Meetings marked as "Open" signify that they are open to family, friends and/or observers. Meetings marked as Closed signify that they are only for individuals who are or believe they may be sex addicts. Meetings marked as "Mixed" signify that they are open to members of any gender. Meetings marked "Men" or "Men Only" are only for male members. Meetings marked as "Women" or "Women Only" are only for female members. If a meeting is marked "Chip Meeting" it signifies that chips are awarded to any newcomers, members who are re-committing and members who have achieved 1 month (30 days), 2 months (60 days), 3 months (90 days), 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 18 months or multiple years of sobriety.

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Las Vegas Intergroup Meetings


Intergroups are made up of representatives from local meetings and trusted servants from the local fellowship. The purpose of the Las Vegas Intergroup meetings are to work on topics such as outreach, local or regional problems, event planning, establishing local policies, exchanging meeting information and discussing and distributing information about fellowship wide issues.


Las Vegas Intergroup meetings are only for members of SAA and are not open to the public. Meeting times and dates vary, the location is always the same; 4800 Alpine Pl. Ste #17. If you are interested in attending a Las Vegas SAA Intergroup Meeting please contact us via our contact form and we will send you an email notice before the next meeting.

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